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Motivating The Female Entrepreneur 


Hey Hey Hey Sis!

How We Started... 

Our founder, Nakeita Harris, struggled with staying motivated in her business journey to success.  Being a first generation entrepreneur she was not always sure of the best marketing plan or the best way to build business credit. Knowing that she couldn’t be the only woman having a hard time honing in on certain aspects of business, she wanted to form a collective of experienced female entrepreneurs and curate a series of motivational speaking opportunities.  This platform was to allow female entrepreneurs who were still building their businesses a way to showcase their expertise.  MHER believes social support networks are the key elements of physical and mental wellness.  We are truly here to motivate the female entrepreneur to be more secure in her mind, mission, and money. We support and promote each other at every level.


Nakeita Harris 

Nakeita is not only the Founder of MHER, she is also a serial entrepreneur thriving in business because of her strong belief in your network being your net worth. Nakeita is an utter example of collaboration over completion and it shows as she pours into her community.

Latest News

Female Entrepreneurship is on the rise at about 12.3 million but only 25% of female entrepreneurs ever ask for funding for their business.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone! 

Imposter Syndrome is 80% more likely to take over your business when you don't have like-minded individuals  in your corner who understands what you are going through. 

Business Resources 

Joining MHER gives you access to numer​ous business resources, mentorships, strategy sessions, speaking engagements, and so much more!


Did you know that just by joining MHER you will be assigned a peer mentor that is here to help you elevate your business? You will also get the opportunity to join an amazing directory of other female entrepreneurs who are focused on exceeding the customer experience. Joining MHER will provide you with a sisterhood of like minded women who are all in various stages of business coming together to motivate one another to be secure in their Mind, Mission, and Money. 


Your environment has more of an impact on your mindset than you think! You can not grow in disorder just as you can not grow in comfort. We all know stagnant water stinks so lets be intention with who and what we allow in our environment! Your success depends on it! 

Hey Hey Hey Sis!

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